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Bird watching tour - Take wings

Bird watching in Rajasthan has caught the fancy of tourists looking for more than the ordinary in the desert landscape. One of the lesser known, but widely visited on Bird watching tours is Khichan, a small village in the vicinity of Phalodi. Phalodi in recent times had made a name for itself on account of Bird watching vacations by people around the globe. The Eurasian Crane is the favored visitor to this sanctuary.

The Rajasthan Tourist Development Corporation has recently given Khichan pride of place as one of the “must-see” Bird watching spots in Rajasthan and is promoting its sights. Much earlier though, the Demoiselle Cranes have chosen Khichan as their migratory home during the harsh winter months in Europe and Mongolia. The visits by the migratory birds have changed the sleepy town into a noisy crowded place. The winds bustle carrying the noises “krok-krok” and the sky forms patterns of black as these birds make the village their own. A Bird watching tour of Khichan thus promises a spectacle that is the dream of all bird lovers. The annual visits of the Cranes occur during late August. Their sojourn at Khichan has led to more Bird watching vacations that increase by the year.

Bird watching vacations in Rajasthan is a visual feast for the Bird watching connoisseur. Get close to the famed Demoiselle Cranes. Take wings on a Bird watching tour to Khichan and you will want to fly back again. Experience India Tourism in all its colors.

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